The real true story of Little Red Riding Hood and her Wolf.

Reopening. 21. November 2015

All villagers agree: the woods are dangerous. They are home to the big bad wolf. Everybody in the village has had bad experiences with the woods: Mother Goat with her seven young kids, the three little pigs, and Sultan, the old yard dog. However, Little Red Riding Hood still wants to go to the woods. Maybe the wolf is not that bad after all? That is because nobody is going to have their fairytales ruined, particularly if it is about good or bad peoples.

Therefore, even a brave girl like Little Red Riding Hood cannot prevent another new story about “Little Red Riding Hood and the big bad wolf” being told throughout the village.

And indeed: the young wolf she meets on her way through the woods is extremely attractive to her, and she is very much surprised to hear quite a different story about the noble family of wolves. And with this, a story unravels that is slightly different from the Grimm brothers’ version.

With „GRIMM! The true story of Little Red Riding Hood and her Wolf“, Thomas Zaufke and Peter Lund enter the land of fairytale once again after “Cinderella passt was nicht”, turning the Grimm cosmos lovingly/maliciously upside down. Three famous and many not-so-well-known fairy tales inspired this new fable, reinterpreting that eternal story about good and evil peoples for our times. Because, honestly: Who, today, would be the bad guy? Or vice versa: Who isn’t?

Book /Stage Director: Peter Lund
Musical Director: Hans-Peter Kirchberg/Tobias Bartholmeß
Choreography: Neva Howard
Stage Desing/Costumes: Ulrike Reinhard

Cast: Kiara Brunken, Devi-Ananda Dahm, Sophia Euskirchen, Fabian-Joubert Gallmeister, Anthony Curtis Kirby, Dennis Hupka, Katharina Beatrice Hierl, Jan-Philipp Rekeszus, Dennis Weißert, Feline Zimmermann.