Zwei Preisträgerproduktionen des Berliner Opernpreis von GASAG und Neuköllner Oper.

28.and 29. Mai 2016

Post Nuclear Love

An apocalyptic musical comedy by Yuval Halpern (music), Svenja Viola Bungarten (text) and Anja Kerschkewicz (direction)

In a Norwegian granary, in a post-apocalyptic, very possible future: after the extinction of the human race, the two last – and first – human beings are growing up here: Adam and Eve, artificially bred in order to secure our continued existence. Will they become the dream couple of a greenhouse paradise? But what should they believe in when their world is made up of virtual set pieces and outside the eternal snow makes all life impossible?Eine apokalyptische Musikkomödie von Yuval Halpern (Musik), Svenja Viola Bungarten (Text) und Anja Kerschkewicz (Regie)

Cast: Pauline Jacob, Anneke Schwabe, Alexander Merbeth, Viola Bornmann, Philipp Neumann, Eyal Edelmann


Wesendonck-Lieder heute
(Wesendonck Songs Today)

A music theater performance by Het Geluid/Maastricht. Muisc by: Richard Wagner/Annelies van Parys

It doesn’t respond anymore but my telephone is starving for a sound, for a report, tell me what you’re dreaming of now that you’re no longer here… What does romantic desire look like in the age of WhatsApp? The Dutch theater collective Het Geluid (Das Geräusch) and the Belgian composer Annelies van Parys have dedicated themselves to this question. By adding some texts and compositions, they have created a scenic performance that provides a contemporary answer to Richard Wagner’s Wesendonck Lieder, a song cycle that the master composer wrote in 1857/1858 on the basis of five poems written by Mathilde Wesendonck, with whom he shared an (unrealized) love.

Featuring: Katharina Morfa, Laila Claessen, Leonardo Reyna.